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Pelczyce | Drukuj |

The District of Pelczyce

area: 201 km 2

population: 8 100

The first historical information concerning the towns and cities located within the district of Pelczyce (Terra Bernstein) date back to 1230-1240.

  • PelczyceIn the years 1279-1280 the margraves: Otton V, Otton VII and Albrecht III took control over Pelczyce

  • In 1315 the ruler of Pelczyce was duke Otto I Szczecinski

  • In 1348 Barnim III Szczecinski gave this town to his wife

  • About 1414 Pelczyce was included in the register of feudal allegiance of the Order of Teutonic Knights

  • In 1478 the town of Pelczyce was burnt by the Brandenburg elector Albrecht

  • In 1537 the Order of Cistercian monks was reformed

  • great fires in 1568 and 1575 caused the the uprising of burghers in 1576

  • In 1816 Pelczyce  belonged to the County of Myslibórz,

  • At the beginning of 1945 Pelczyce (Berstein) was taken by the Russian army

  • For the short time the town got a name ” Bursztynowo”

  • Till 1975 in the Szczecin Province, later on in the Gorzów Province and at present in the County of Choszczno in the West Pomeranian Province